The Pageant

After World War II the Brethren of Carrickfergus decided to hold a pageant re-enacting the landing of King William III in Carrickfergus which took place on 14 June 1690. This was to be a fund raising event for Orange Charities and also to extend the King William III Memorial Orange Hall.

The first pageant took place on Friday 14 June 1946 and local Orangemen made costumes and acted the various roles. Bro Hugh McAteer a member of LOL 1544 played the part of King William. Thousands of Orangemen attended this event in 1946. It was a great success.

Plaque at Carrickfergus Harbour commemorating the landing of King William III


It was decided that due to the this success the Pageant would become an annual event. These annual re-enactments continued but in 1952 so many people came to take part in the Pageant that the narrow streets in Carrickfergus could not cope. Some visiting Orangemen were unable to leave the railway station such was the size of the crowds.

It was decided to revive the event in 1969 but this turned out to be a one of occasion.

The current Pageants began in 1982 when Carrickfergus District Lodge together with neighbouring Districts decided to hold a pageant.

Thousands of pounds have been spent on costumes over the years and the Pageant has become a major event in the Orange calendar.

Although the parade is still organized by Carrickfergus District Lodge the actual pageantry is organized by Carrickfergus Historical Re-enactments Group and is supported by Carrickfergus Borough Council.

Each year this group endeavours to improve the Pageant and the latest addition is a Fife and Drum Band in period costume.


Statue of King William III at Castle Green Carrickfergus.

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